Coney 'Ragtime' Riesling 2018




Stylistically Ragtime sits comfortably between Coney's dry Rallentando and our exuberant 30+g/l spritzy Ritz.  All, as you’ve noticed, have musical names in keeping with the treble clef Coney logo. 

Ragtime contains 14g/l residual sugar.  The demographic that responds to this mouthfilling, accessible wine is the Great Majority, those occupying the middle ground and all adventurous beer drinkers trying to transition to a superior beverage.  This is just code for easy drinking.  But Ragtime is more than this undemanding metaphor.  Being a riesling, it’s primary job is to be refreshing.  Unless our winemaker has dropped the ball our rieslings are always zippy and zesty regardless of the level of residual sugar.  Try lemons, limes and sometimes granny smith apples.  Lovely floral nose.  Ragtime goes further by incorporating 10% of the botrytised fruit which appears on the vine late, during autumn.  This imparts the pleasant, unctuous mouthfeel and a honeyed character to the trembling taste buds.  Equally at home for sybaritic sipping, or with spicy dishes.  Cellar Ragtime with confidence for 4-5 years. 

You may be interested to know that when President Trump said he wasn’t disappointed at the Democrat congressional win he’d been captured by his own fake news.  The truth is that prior to the press conference he’d bolstered his puerile rhetoric with 2 bottles of Ragtime.  Believe it or not.

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