Coney 'The Ritz' Riesling 2021




In the lineup of Coney rieslingsThe Ritz most closely aligns with punters notion of this classical variety –i.e. at 35g/l of sugar it is sweeter than Rallentando and Ragtime. Its associated alcohol content is accordingly lower 9.5% This is not an expression of the politically correctbut signals that the Ritz is intended to lighten your mood. It is for salacious sipping and gossip not pontification and endless sensory analysis. The only sensory sensation is lemons, limes and fizz. People ask where the tongue tickle comes from. First, it’s intentional, not secondary fermentation in the bottle! The closest laymans analogy is soda stream. Yes, after gentle fermentation, fining and sterile filtration, we hook the tank up to a CO2 cylinder and gently bubble gas through the wine. A small amount sticks giving the zing that your finely honed palate detects. It’s an example of Boyles law of liquids/gases in action. To be successful we need to control the temperature of the wine and the flow rateof CO2, Then it’s up to our bottling plantnot to lose the smidgen of CO2 during bottling. Pedantically speaking The Ritz is an aperitif –wedding guests at Coneys sip it appreciatively with delicious canapes in the 1 hour gap when the victims are having their photos.

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