Domain Road 'Water race' Riesling 2020

Domain Rd



Water races were used by gold miners to carry water and are an iconic part of the Central Otago landscape, following the contours of the hills, often over many miles. Many are still in use
today helping transform a dry landscape into useable farmland. Domain Road Vineyard, like many others, relies on the industry of early settlers and their water races to produce its wines, including our Dry Riesling.

Pale straw with clear hues, our Water Race Riesling is a dry style wine with a crisp acidity balanced with a hint of fruit sweetness.  Aromas of citrus, melon and peach with stone fruit and ginger dominate on the nose with hints of grapefruit and honey.  Lemons, lime, apricot and
flint show on the palate. The wine shows steely acidity and minerality leading to a long finish.

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